Covenant Christian School

Annual General Meeting 2017

The Leduc Society for Christian Education’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday, May 8, 2017, at 7 pm. During that meeting, we will repeal our current bylaws and constitution and replace them with new bylaws and constitution, in accordance with the following motions. More information is provided in the following document.

Changes to Constitution and a Simple Version of the Proposed Bylaws

Motion 1: To repeal all of the current bylaws and replace them with the attached bylaws.

The proposed bylaws, as well the bylaws currently in effect, are available below.

Bylaws Awaiting Ratification

Bylaws Currently in Operation

Motion 2: To repeal all of the current objects and replace them with the following objects:

  1. To attract parents who are willing and desirous to give their children an education that is directed by God’s all-powerful Word and have these children trained to help them acquire and grow in a Christian view of life and the world.
  2. To provide, direct, advise on and carry out a curriculum of Christian education, based on Article II.A above.
  3. To hold as Trustees or otherwise own, buy, sell, convey, mortgage, lease and otherwise deal in lands and properties that are calculated to help and effect the above-mentioned objectives and that generally may benefit the Society. All profits and other assets will be used solely to promote the above-mentioned objectives; at no time will any actions be undertaken for the purpose of gain for any member.
  4. To carry out only those activities that further the above-mentioned objectives.

The objects are found in Article II of our Constitution. They are being adopted separately to comply with Alberta Corporate Registry requirements.

Motion 3: To repeal the current Constitution and adopt the revised Constitution as presented.

The proposed Constitution and the Constitution currently in effect are available below.

Constitution Awaiting Ratification

Constitution Currently in Operation


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