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Covenant Christian School

Fees & Payment


Mandatory Fees:
Society Membership $25 / parent or guardian
Recreation/Transportation Support fee (for all families except Preschool only families) $325 / family
Recreation/Transportation Support fee – Kindergarten student only $160 / family


Education Fees:
Preschool $750 + $50 supply fee
Kindergarten $700
One Child in grades 1-9 $1,600
Second Child in grades 1-9 $1050 ($2,650 total)
Third Child in grades 1-9 $500 ($3,150 total)
***  There are no additional education fees for K-9 if you have more than three children in the school;

however, Preschool fees always apply.


Bussing Fees:
Rural Covenant Bus

(Rural riders outside City of Leduc catchment area)

$1,850 /  family

($925 for kindergarten rider only)

Rural riders not attending CCS $2,050 / family
High-school rider (CCS family) $225
*** Please note: Part-time ridership is available on a case by case basis and must be approved by the Transportation Committee.

If you live within BGRS boundary, BGRS will bus your students from your home bus stop to the Transfer Point at Leduc Junior High School (LJHS).Then from the transfer to Covenant Christian School.  You will need to register/pay at BGRS Transportation (780-955-6048) or  @

Fees can be paid in a lump sum payment in September or in 10 monthly installments by post-dated cheque or automatic bank withdrawal.