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Junior High CTF Options are now available

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Today the Junior High students had presentations from their teachers on what CTF classes will be offered in both the second and third terms of the school year.  They will most likely be coming home, eagerly asking you to register them quickly to secure their place in the classes they want to join the most.  We can help you with that!  Click on the registration link below, fill in the specifics for your child, and then select their first, second, and third choices for each term.  If you have more than one child in JH, simply choose the “Submit another response” option.  Some of you had also expressed the desire to receive a receipt of your responses; that option will also be available to you directly in the form.  Class formation and enrollment will begin this weekend, so make sure that you have submitted your responses by Friday evening at the latest.  Thank you, and have a wonderful week.

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