Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
Covenant Christian School

Mr. Simmons is “Missing”

We can see commUNITY at Covenant in so many ways! Not only as a large group consisting of all those who are associated with the school but in several smaller groups as well.  We can see commUNITY in each home room classroom, on athletic teams, in friend groups, and also as a staff.

As is the tradition at Covenant, while the principal is away at a conference, his office gets a remodel!  This year, “Missing” posters were distributed through the school, his office was relocated to the foyer and all remaining items in his “old” office were wrapped and ready to be moved to long term storage until he could be found again…

Thankfully, we have located Mr. Simmons and are happy for his return!  However, his office may not be back to “normal” for a little while yet.