Covenant Christian School



Covenant Christian School (CCS) is an alternative Christian program within Black Gold School Division (BGSD).  We offer a Christ-centered education to over 300 students in Kindergarten to Grade 9.  A Christian worldview is integrated into all subject areas and aspects of our school culture.

In order to help us with this integration, Covenant is a proud member of not only the PCCE (Prairie Centre for Christian Education) but CSI (Christian Schools International) as well.

Aside from our focus on academic subjects, we also have Bible classes in each grade and offer French as a Second Language (FSL) to grades 4-6.  In the area of technology, we are a Bring Your Own Educational Device (BYOED) school for grades 5-9 and have Chromebooks and iPads available to our students in kindergarten through grade 4.  We offer extra-curricular athletics in the sports of cross-country, volleyball, basketball, badminton and track & field.  We also offer swimming lessons to grades 2-5.

The school was founded 35 years ago by a group of like-minded parents who desired a Christian education for their children.  Through tireless work and dedication, they built up a program that has continued to grow each year and has expanded to include representation from more than 30 different churches in the Leduc and Leduc County areas.  The decision to join BGRD shows the commitment to wanting what is best for their children; as this partnership has opened the door to numerous resources of time and talent that will benefit the students of Covenant.

Our Core Purpose at Covenant Christian School is: “Flourishing Learners, Delighting in God, Inspired to Serve.”  Covenant believes that God is Lord of all things and that He is calling each of us to be part of His Kingdom-Building restoration vision.  It is along with that purpose that we strive, in all aspects of their education, to create a safe and caring environment for our students to learn and grow.