Black Gold School Division
Covenant Christian School

Complimentary Programs

2018-2019 CTF Options

Term 1

French Cuisine & Culture – Students will explore the food and culture of France.

Bike Maintenance – Students will be involved in outdoor rides, spin classes, and learn basic bike maintenance.

Photography – Students will learn the fundamentals of camera settings, photography styles, and how to get that perfect shot.

Worship – Students will learn about playing as a group and leading the school Celebration music times.


Term 2

2D Art – Students will learn different painting techniques and create their own original pieces.

Choir/Drama Stage Crew – Students will learn what it takes to work backstage, assist with the set development and work as stage crew for the production of the Spring Drama.

Spring Drama – All Grade 8’s will participate in the Spring Drama, culminating with a group of performances at the Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts at LCHS.

Lego Robotics – Students will build, code, test, and compete with one another using Lego Robotics kits.


Term 3

Foods – Students will explore healthy eating options and learn how to serve others.

Agriculture and Life – Students will explore the business side of sustainable practices and look at how things get from farm to table.

Digital Media Creation – Students will create various forms of digital media, exploring a number of online tools.

Critical Christianity (Media Study) – Students will look at different types of media through the lens of a Christian worldview.