Covenant Christian School


K to 9 Registration Application

How to Register a Student at CCS

Registration for the 2024-20254 school year is now open!

Being an “Alternative Program” within Black Gold Regional Schools, the process for enrolling a child at Covenant is a bit more involved than if you were registering at your neighborhood school.  Before you begin the enrollment process, please read over our Education Vision Statment/Partnership AgreementFees and Payment Information, and  Transportation Information.

There are 3 steps involved:

1. Complete and submit the online Black Gold Registration Form by clicking here for registering a kindergarten student and here for registering a student in grade 1-9-make sure to select the button for the NEW school year (2024-2025) –one for each new student. If you already have at least one child currently attending CCS in K-9, you do not need to do anything further once this step is completed.

2.  Complete and submit the Covenant Christian School Application for Enrollment Form for your family by clicking here.  Part of the application includes a two-page reference letter from your pastor.  Click here to access the Confidential Pastor’s Report.

3.  Attend a “New Parent Evening.”  After all your documents have been received (and we have enough families to run the event), you will be invited to attend this meeting.  The aim of this meeting is to share the vision and purpose of Covenant in greater detail and to ensure that your family shares this vision and purpose.  Final enrollment decisions are based on the outcome of this meeting.