Covenant Christian School


Home & School Communication

During a regular school day, if you need to contact your child(ren) for any reason, call the front office at (780) 986-8353.

If you need to contact your student’s teacher, please email them directly. However, please understand that if you email during class time, it is unlikely you will receive a prompt response. Teachers are busy with students and supervision duties during the school day. Many have schedules that only allow them to answer emails before and after school. If you need to send an urgent message, please call the office.

Our staff will always strive to answer emails within a day or two at the most unless there are extenuating circumstances. We ask our staff to respond to emails between the hours of 7:30 am – 5:00 pm on scheduled school days. This allows our staff to attend to home responsibilities outside of those hours and it reduces the need to check for messages constantly. This also ensures that they do not need to worry about missing something important.

***If you must email outside of these hours due to your schedule, please understand that the teacher will respond when they can during the hours as outlined above. We appreciate your support in helping to work towards effective communication between home and school.