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  • Chronicle for May 1, 2024

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    Principal’s Message

    As we embrace the ups and downs of Spring weather – it’s currently spitting ice pellets, but I am hopeful to golf on Saturday, it’s undeniable that a change is in the air—not just meteorologically, but within the halls of our school as well. With the arrival of spring comes what many affectionately refer to as “spring fever.” This phenomenon, while often associated with a sense of excitement and anticipation for summer, can also bring about its own set of challenges, particularly in our students – okay maybe all of us.

    As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter (and melts this mess), we’ve observed that some of our students may find themselves more fatigued and perhaps a bit more prone to frustration. It’s during this time that seemingly minor issues can take on larger significance in the eyes of our young learners.

    However, it’s essential for us, as both educators and parents, to approach this season with grace and discernment. While it’s natural for students to experience heightened emotions and perhaps exhibit behaviors that seem out of character, it’s also an opportunity for us to provide guidance and support.

    Parents, I encourage you to engage in open and honest conversations with your children about any squabbles, conflicts, or challenges they may be facing. Let us equip them with the tools they need to navigate these situations in a manner that reflects the values of compassion, understanding, love, and forgiveness.

    Remember, spring fever is but a temporary season—one that will soon give way to the warmth and freedom of summer. In the meantime, let us embrace this opportunity to cultivate resilience, empathy, and patience within our school community.

    Thank you for your continued partnership and support as we journey through the seasons together.


    CCS Track Meet – MANY Volunteers Needed

    Our annual CCS Track Meet will be held on Tuesday, May 21, and is for all grade 1-9 students. This event requires close to 30 volunteers in order for it to be a success. If you can free up your schedule on May 21, please sign up for one of the positions at 

    Thank you in advance!

    Mini Mall is Coming! – May 23

    We hope you will join us for Covenant Christian Grade 9 Mini-Mall! Our Mini-Mall has been an annual school-wide community event. It combines the Grade 9s learning in Social Studies on Economics with a fund-raising opportunity for their graduation by creating a mini-business to sell products to other students.

    This year we are operating Mini-Mall in person. You can also preview items on the Mini-Mall Market Webpage HERE , beginning on Monday, May 6, with your child, you can look through the catalogue and engage in meaningful conversation about financial literacy, budgeting, stewardship, and consumerism.

    The students’ products will be available on Thursday, May 23 from 11:00 to 12:30 pm. Homeroom teachers will be escorting children through the mini-mall at that time. Parents are also welcome to join us at the school for this event. Tickets will be purchased through your child’s Powerschool Account. Tickets are available in books of 10 tickets for $5. Most items cost between 2-10 tickets ($1.00-$5.00). No cash will be accepted or tickets refunded. All ticket purchases must be made through PowerSchool by 9:00 am on Tuesday, May 21, 2024. No Exceptions!

    Learning Commons – The Human Library

    School Fees

    If you have a credit for your child at another school and would like to transfer that credit to CCS here are the instructions:

    Go to your PowerSchool Parent Portal under your child at CCS, on the top right-hand corner drop down to transfer, from there you can choose to transfer the credit to CCS, Division technology fees, or transportation fees.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 

    Also, if you notice fees in your child’s account that should not be there please let me know so that I can look into it for you.

    Julie Hofstra – Finance Secretary

    [email protected]

    BGSD Board Highlights

    The April 2024 Board Highlights have been posted to the Divison website at: News. They are also posted to our Board Highlights website section.

    The Board Highlights are a summary of our Board of Trustee meetings to communicate pertinent information to our staff, school councils, parents, students, and stakeholders. To be environmentally friendly, paper copies are not provided to the schools and School Council Chairs. The minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees are also posted on our Division website.

    Snack Menu:

    🥔 Chips: $1.00

    🥤 Cans of Pop: $2.00

    🍭 Candy Bags: $1.00


    Div. 2 (Gr. 4-6): Thursday, May 2

    Div. 3 (Gr. 7-9): Thursday, May 9

    Div. 1 (Gr 1-3): Thursday, May 16

    Thank you so much for your support!

    Date Change Reminder

    Hot Lunch

    Hot Lunches are on Wednesdays.

    You can find the forms for Hot Lunch in your student’s PowerSchool account under the Student Fees and Forms heading on the left-hand side. Orders will close on the Tuesday prior to the following week’s hot lunch at 11:59 pm.  All orders must be placed online, and payment must be made with form submission to be processed. (No cash or cheques are accepted). Please check your email for a confirmation receipt to ensure that your order went through.

    Upcoming Hot Lunches:


    • 1 – Hot Dogs/Booster Juice
    • 8 – Boston Pizza Pasta
    • 15 – Panda Hut
    • 22 – Subway
    • 29 – Dominos Pizza


    • 5 – Hot Dogs/Booster Juice
    • 12 – Wok Box
    • 19 – KFC

    If you would like to see which hot lunches are coming up in future months, you can find out on our school events calendar found here.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding Hot Lunch, you can reach our Hot Lunch Coordinator, Mrs. Hofstra, via email at: [email protected]


    We hold weekly assemblies, which we call Celebration. We alternate between Wednesday and Thursday mornings each month so our kindergarten students are each able to join us every other month.

    Celebration will be held on Thursdays for the month of May.

    Lost & Found

    We will post weekly pictures of our lost and found. If you see something that is your child’s, please have them stop by the table and pick it up or let the office know.

    All unclaimed items will be donated to a second-hand store by the end of the month.


    For a calendar of events including home and away games etc. please click HERE.

    LSCE News:

    LSCE Executive Meeting Update

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Our Family Social and Auction was a big success. Together we raised $12,000.00 for the parking lot!  Thank you to everyone who attended, donated, purchased, and volunteered. A special thank you to Afton Goldsmith for all her hard work organizing the event.  We will do it all again next year! 

    Spring Activities: We look forward to seeing you at some of our spring activities, including the AGM, Grandparent and Special Friends Day, and the golf tournament!  

    AGM May 15:  The Executive intends to provide documents within the next few weeks for the AGM to be held on May 15, 2024, at 7:00 pm in the Auditorium. Babysitting will be available free of charge for those who need it.

    All supporting documents are now available on our website as well as in the information package linked below. This meeting is a chance to hear about the past year from both the Society Executive and Principal’s perspective, as well as hear our plans for the future. We will also review and approve financial information, including last year’s financial statements and the condensed budget for the upcoming year. In accordance with our bylaws, all those who have been Society members in good standing since April 15, 2024, are entitled to vote at the AGM. Non-society members (e.g., spouses) are also welcome to attend. Society members who cannot attend may instead submit absentee ballots (also in the information package and on our website).

    AGM Documents:

    Minutes from May 24, 2023 AGM

    AGM Agenda for May, 15, 2024

    2023 Notice to Reader

    LSCE Absentee Ballot for May 15, 2024

    Proposed 2024-2025 Condensed Budget

    Executive positions: We have 2 vacancies on the Executive next year, and 2 nominations to fill these vacancies. Please contact Executive Chair Danny Dodds or Society Administrator Lisa Gatzke by Wednesday, May 8, 2024, if you have any objections to the nomination of Jon Janssen or Colin Werden. If no legitimate objections are received, both will be acclaimed as new members of the Executive for next year.

    Fundraising Opportunities

    For sponsorship opportunities or to register a team for the golf tournament, click here

    All money raised will go towards a re-do of our school parking lot. For more information please contact Afton Goldsmith at [email protected]

    Social Media

    To keep up to date on all fundraising opportunities, please follow us on social media.



    • 3 – Kindergarten Field Trip to Mrs. Vande Kraats’
    • 6 – Grade 5 & 6 Swimming Lessons
    • 7 – Kindergarten & Grade 4LV Field trip to Firehall & LRC
    • 8 – Hats on for Mental Health
    • 13 – Grade 5 & 6 Swimming Lessons
    • 15 – LSCE Annual General Meeting
    • 16 & 17 – Grade 3 Drumheller Field Trip
    • 17 – PD Day – NO School
    • 20 – Victoria Day – NO School
    • 21 – CCS Track Meet
    • 22 – Grade 8 Birch Bay Ranch Field Trip
    • 23 – Grade 9 Mini Mall
    • 26 – Tom’s Walk
    • 27 – Grade 5 & 6 Swimming Lessons
    • 27 – 31 – Scholastic Book Fair
    • 28 – Grade 2GM Grain Elevator Field Trip
    • 28 – LDAA Track Meet
    • 30 – Grade 3H/3J Miquelon Field Trip
    • 30 – Grade 2W Grain Elevator Field Trip
    • 31 – Grandparents Day


    • 3 & 4 – Grade 6 Gull Lake Centre Field Trip
    • 3 – Grade 4 (Both Classes) Edmonton Waste Management Centre Field Trip
    • 6-9 – Grade 9 Jasper Field Trip
    • 7 – Black Gold Elementary Track Meet
    • 7 – Cougar Spirit Day
    • 7 – CTF Outdoor Ed Field Trip to Telford Lake
    • 8 – CCS Golf Tournament
    • 10 – 13 – Grade 7 Jasper Field Trip
    • 10 – Grade 3 Edmonton Valley Zoo Field Trip
    • 10 – Grade 6 (and some Grade 1) Immunizations
    • 12 – Grade 8 River Hawks Baseball Field Trip
    • 13 – Grade 4 Bunchberry Meadows Field Trip
    • 14 – CTF Outdoor Ed Field Trip to Alex Outdoor Pool
    • 14 – CTF Tourism & Agriculture Field Trip to Wizard Lake
    • 14 – Grade 9 Graduation @ 7:00 pm
    • 17 – 26 – PATs and Final Exams – Schedule to follow in later Chronicle
    • 24 – Grade 1-3 Millet Spray Park Field Trip
    • 26 – Last Day of School
    • 27 – Report Cards & Class Lists Emailed to Parents
    • 27-28 – Teacher Workdays

    Community Events:

    Mental Health Symposium

    Loop the Lake – May 11

    Youth Week – May 5th – 11th

    Youth aged 12-17 are welcome to attend, and all activities are FREE!

    Activities vary from drop-in to registered, and a few require a waiver to be completed. More details/information can be found at

    Rehoboth Camp Ministry is a Christian summer camp for people with special needs from young children to seniors. We want to share the love of Jesus, provide a summer camp experience, build relationships, and give parents or guardians a week of respite. We need volunteers to make this happen and are looking forward to having you
    be a part of this. A willingness to be a friend and help someone have a positive Camp experience is all that is needed. If you are 14 years old and up, have a heart for serving others, have a week to spare this summer, then we are the place for you! Check us out at to get more information!

    Gull Lake Centre Summer Camp

    Gull Lake Centre is a Christian camp where the vision is to create a space for campers to connect with Christ and with each other. 

    This is done through:

    – summer camps for children of all ages (5-18), family camp, winter camps (grades 4-12)

    –  LTD program (Leadership Training and Discipleship) for high school students, 3-year program. The key elements of the LTD program are mentorship, experience, and community. The teens are taught to lead while being given space to grow their relationship with God.

    – new FED program (Faith Experience and Discipleship) which is a volunteer program for teens during the summer where you both contribute to the operation of camp and also get to enjoy all the fun activities they offer, 1 week commitment 


    Pembina Bible Camp

    Pembina Bible Camp registration is now open for 2024!! 🏕️

    Week 1 July 7-13 

    (Family & Teen Camp)

     Week 2 July 14-20

    (Family & Teen Camp)

    If you have any questions please contact:

    Jody Nelson 
    Pembina Bible Camp 

    Odds & Ends:

    Sign In/Out Form:

    Scan Me

    Please use the above QR code, orthis link, to sign your child in or out of the building. You can also come into the school and use the Chromebook provided in the office. Please make sure to let the office know you have collected your child before leaving the parking lot (phone call/eye contact) and ask your child to check in at the office when they enter or leave. This ensures everyone is accounted for appropriately in the case of an emergency.

    Facebook Page:

    As always, Facebook is a great spot to see some of the fun things going on at the school!

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